We are committed to the environment, the sustainable development of the region and the preservation of tourist sites, so we want to share with you the following information and recommendations in order to help us fulfill this commitment and make your stay and that of others enjoyable..

– RATIONAL USE OF ENERGY, when you leave the unit BE SURE to turn off the air conditioners and the lights.

– Use water wisely, we invite you save water and to use it efficiently, note that the water in this region NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

– In order to preserve the reservoirs we have developed a set of strategies and community agreements for the proper use of water, performing daily rationing between 00:00 and 05:00 a.m., except on Saturdays.

– For comprehensive waste management and making recycling easier, use the appropriate waste containers for disposal of scales, plastics, glass and sanitary napkins. LET´S ALL HELP TO TAKE CARE of our beaches, canals and environment in general.

– Maintain a moderate volume of your audio equipment, especially at night; it can disturb the peacefulness of other guests. REMEMBER: «The Best Symphony is the one Nature offers us»

– Feeding wild animals or removing them from their natural habitat are actions that threaten their conservation and welfare.

– It is prohibited for fishermen or personnel hired for the kitchen; to clean and arrange fish in the facilities nearby the houses or apartments; since this produces bad odors and becomes a source of environmental pollution, which also attracts wild animals such as rodents.

– TAKE CARE OF trees, palms and gardens, they look much better in their natural environment. They are living beings that have to be protected.

– When walking through the natural sites use the footpaths, this will help to prevent the deterioration of wild flora.

– it is mandatory, to use the safety deposit box to store valuables and cash. The Hotel IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the loss of any element that is left outside of it.
– When you leave your unit, make sure that all doors and windows are locked.

– Protect your children, do not let them run and play alone in the pool area. This may cause accidents.

– For your safety and for your health, please refrain from feeding pets that you come across in the region; this may inconvenience other guests and cause further abuse of animals.

– Do not allow the entry of people who you do not trust, or of hotel staff that does not wear their badge and uniform, or to sellers who do not carry their ID card.

– For your comfort and safety if you need any additional services that are to be contracted with third parties such as transportation, tours etc., request this service in the hotel reception. «Be clear that the Hotel IS NOT LIABLE for any services contracted with third parties if contracting is done directly by the guest.

– Do not sponsor any alms in cash or in kind to minors, remember that children must go to school, play sports and play.

– No smoking in unauthorized areas.

– Towels are for exclusive use within the hotel, in case of loss or damage of any towel, you will assume a cost of COP$ 30,000 per towel.

– The services offered on the beach area such as massages, restaurant-bar and other services are not sponsored by the hotel, therefore their use is done under the entire responsibility of the guest.

– In case you should see any abnormality within the hotel or its surroundings, please communicate it directly to the security personnel or to the hotel reception, dialing extensions 0 or 2001.

– When you Check Out or in any moment you wish to, you can tell us about your experience at our hotel, we want to improve what was wrong and strengthen what you found right.

We wish that your visit to our Hotel has been fully satisfactorily, your recommendations and suggestions are very important to us, please fill out the survey form when you Check Out.


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