CISPATA Bay is situated in the Gulf of Morrosquillo, it has the charm of the Colombian Caribbean coastline near the mouth of the Sinú River, forming a vast mangrove forest, allowing you to be surrounded and framed by one of the most important estuarine areas of the country. It´s about three hours by land from Cartagena.

It belongs to the municipality of San Antero, Department of Cordoba, founded in 1647. Its natives still preserve their fishing tradition and trade in calabash, gourd, wood, plantain, and seed handicrafts. Wine palms, cattails and arrow reeds decorate the trails, natural white sand beaches are everywhere, mud volcanoes, marshes, streams and canals in the calm waters of the Bay of CISPATA. It is home to many species of fauna and flora. «CISPATÁ MARINA HOTEL» is ready to offer you comfort, tranquility and enjoyment.


The CISPATA MARINA HOTEL revolves around its Guests with four focal points:

1. Vertical Focal Point: Entertainment and Rest.
2. Horizontal Focal Point: Safety and Healthy Environment.

We work on these focal points in order to permit our guest to feel positive experiences and innovative quality through efficient compliance processes provided by managers, suppliers and employees.


In the CISPATA MARINA HOTEL we are permanently generating unique and positive experiences for our guests, ensuring us to remain as a benchmark in the Colombian Caribbean region, because we are constantly evolving and innovating and adapting to the changes demanded by our Guests.


The first settlers of the San Antero Territory were a group Finzenu Indians that belonged to the Zenú , culture and to the language family of the Caribes, they inhabited the territory that today forms the urban municipality the, CISPATA Bay and the banks and the river mouth of the River Sinú. The CISPATA Bay and its surroundings, due to their strategic location, became a zone of confluence and ethnic and cultural exchanges. So when the first conquerors arrived, they temporarily did so through this region, finding a group of peaceful indigenous people with deep Chinú traditions

Chinú: The word Chinú comes from the Guamacó dialect or Guajiba employed by Zenues, Shi-nu meaning «wonderful region of abundant waters.»

Chipa-ta is Zenú dialect meaning “Domain of our Fathers”

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